The Right Time to Get Some Action?

Now, when I say action, I’m not talking about young, hot, fiery, passionate, romance (just yet). We’ll save that for a different blog post. Sorry to burst your bubble.

I’m talking about the right time to introduce that suspenseful moment into the story; where the fate of the world seems to rest in the hero’s hands, where their deep, dark, secret is revealed and finally everything starts to make sense, when they realize they need to rise up and fight against the evil forces against them. When they actually do start rising up against the evil forces against them.

Of course, I don’t want to give the reader whiplash by sending the protagonist on a killing spree the first chapter, but is there a right time for the reader to get some action? Is there some sort of formula for this? Does it even matter?

There are some books, like Cassie Clare’s Mortal Instrument’s series, where she just jumps right into the heat in the first couple chapters. Then there are others, like Lauren Kate’s Fallen, which spend a good portion of the book building up the characters and setting the scene, leaving the action to start unfolding in the final chapters.

I know I should just write what I feel is, hehe, right. But I am at a standstill on my project, and it is driving me nuts going back and forth between getting the action started at the beginning, or building it up for the end.

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