Fallen Angels

So I’ve started to notice a new trend emerging among YA fantasy… and I have to say, I love it! The whole fallen angel theme totally has my vote, and I can’t get enough! I’ve been reading the “Fallen” series, and just finished the second book, Torment. I have to admit, the first book in the series was a little slow for me. I still liked it and I love the concept, but it was lacking some noteworthy action sequences and twitch-worthy no-he-didn’t scenes. Yes, Daniel was a jerk and completely apathetic, but the whole thing was kind of predictable. Not trying to be a hater, I DO realize these stories take time to develop… However, Torment just completely rocked my world!!! Holy moly, if there wasn’t enough action in the first book the second totally had that covered! It was like the author decided to make up for any problems with the first book, and throw it at you all in-your-face style. The characters were a lot more believable and dynamic as well. I’m a happy camper.

So, why all the fallen angel hype? These things come and go in rotations, just like vampires were cool, then werewolves were cool, now fallen angels are cool. What will be next? Fairies? Mermaids? Elves? Soon we’ll move on to the next, and then there will be another fantasy phenomenon knocking on our doors. Vampires may be so last year, but they will be back… they will be back. As for why the fallen angel theme is so popular today… Well, they’re a good theme to work with with all of the “end of the world” talk going on, but to me it also seems more realistic than other fantasy. Ok, maybe not more realistic, just realistic. Cause we all know fantasy is not real (laughs nervously). Maybe it’s because I grew up in a spiritual household where my grandma was obsessed with guardian angels, or that there are thousand-year old religions that have books depicting how the actions of angels helped shape the world, or maybe it’s the mere fact that angels are so similar to humans. Whatever it is, it’s working, and I’m eatin’ it up like Thanksgiving leftovers. That is.. until something new comes along and swoops me up like Edward Cullen.

What do you think of the fallen angel hype? Not just fallen angels, regular angels and Nephilim are welcome too.

Exhibit A: Even Ax commercials are jumping on the fallen angel bandwagon:

3 thoughts on “Fallen Angels

  1. Rachel Russell says:

    I wish I could share your enthusiasm for the present trend in fallen angels, but it really isn’t something I’m all that into. I’ve always sort of disliked fallen angel romance plots, and I blame it on my having a long and illustrious history of play-by-post roleplaying with people who would pretend to be the most gothic, sultry, somber, depressed, i-need-someone-to-love-me fallen angel you could dream up. I think it permanently killed it for me.

    I will totally break out the pom-poms and pee my pants if an elf trend crops up in young adult though. I’m a super fan-girl of elves (if you do it correctly anyway), but that probably goes hand-in-hand with me being all over high fantasy.

    Anyway, hi! You followed me on twitter, and I took a look at your blog because I’m nosy like that. Now here I am. :]

  2. Victoria Monet says:

    Hey Rachel! First off, thanks for checking out my blog! It’s nice to get in touch with other aspiring authors. Besides the fallen angel bit, it seems like we have a lot in common! Let’s just say high fantasy is my middle name… Er, names.

    Of course, I moseyed on over to take a peek at your blog as well. Your excerpt from your WIP that you posted was amazing! You totally left me wanting more more more! I am SO looking forward to reading more about Stand and Deliver in the future.

  3. Rachel Russell says:

    Awesome! I’m glad to hear you like high fantasy. Seriously. Do you know how hard it is to find people of late who are obsessed with high fantasy? Maybe it’s because I know more people who write in YA than Adult at the moment, and high fantasy isn’t exactly super trendy in YA at the moment. I dunno.

    Also, cool! It’s actually a scene I wrote for later in the novel that I’m not even anywhere NEAR reaching yet in terms of linear writing and where I’m presently at. I occasionally jump around though if I get an idea and don’t wanna forget precisely how I was imagining it. If you ever wanna read more, I have the entire first chapter posted up on Book Country, and that’s also where future chapters will get posted for reviews and critiques.

    Chat me up some time on Twitter! I’m on all the time, and I’m always super psyched to meet others who have a passion for high fantasy.

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