Howl at the Moon

It’s a full moon. The loonies are out. The werewolves are shifting. The ER is requesting backup by now.

In all seriousness though, why do people act strange during a full moon?

Not to get all fancy on you, but apparently the Biological Tides Theory is making some strides towards a winning hypothesis. What do you mean you don’t know what that is, do you need me to spell it out for you? The moon creates the tides in the ocean, and when closest to the Earth controls the tides in your BRAIN! Duhhhh.
*This hypothesis is not a joke

Okay, so I’m not buying that one.

Apparently, a lot have scientists have actually debunked this myth, claiming there is no correlation between the phases of the moon and people. Yet despite the evidence, people still believe we are in some way connected to the lunar stages. Even I do, which is why I’m writing this post. Even if evidence is piled against me and staring me in the face.

Could it be… people want to believe the moon is the cause of crazy? Not just so they can have something to blame, but because people like the feeling that there’s an unexplained paranormal occurrence that happens every month? Heck, I love me some supernatural, why do you think I’m a young adult fantasy writer?

People are drawn to the unexplained, they like the feeling there’s a whole nother world out there that we don’t know about. Why do you think there are so many superstitions revolving around the full moon? Who had to write these myths about vampires congregating in the moonlight and people sprouting into wolves every month? Human beings!

And not to mention… Luna is the Latin word for moon, which in turn helps create other words such as… I don’t know… lunatic! Don’t get me wrong, but why would the Latins create a word based off another word if it wasn’t related to that word? If that makes sense…

Okay, so I still can’t beat “scientific evidence.” However, I find it ironic that the crazy people come out during the full moon. Just sayin.

So what we’ve learned today is that you can howl at the moon as much as you want, but ya ain’t shiftin into a werewolf.

What does a full moon mean to you? Is this theory just some phony superstition that people have passed down for centuries, or does the gravitational pull of the full moon actually have some sort of impact on people’s personalities? Or paranormal personalities for that matter.


“Isn’t it weird that everyone in the world is looking at the same moon?”
“It’s a mind blower,” Lily tried to say enthusiastically.
-TGWN: *Coming soon*

Fun information (not really):

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