Y’all Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind

Up in here, up in here.

But seriously. Writing, editing, reviewing…. it’s a never-ending process. When do you really throw your hands up and say ‘I’m done’?

I’ve received a lot of advice from published authors that the best thing to do is get it all out there and worry about the revisions later, but that’s just not how I roll. I’m a perfectionist, so if my sentences aren’t 100% I can’t move forward. I literally can’t focus on what’s next if I don’t love what’s in front me. But at some point I need to take a step back and look at things holistically. Spending 20 minutes debating if a sentence should end with a question or an exclamation mark just isn’t worth the time.

I need to hunker down and focus on revising what’s most important for the flow of my story.

Those things that need a-fixing:
1) Incorporate the influence of water (it has to do with my plot)
2) Eliminate unnecessary characters (this has been tearful)
3) Divide the giant chapters into smaller chapters (seriously… some of these look like college essays)
4) Don’t over share, sprinkle facts throughout (these readers need some suspense up in here)
5) Delete unnecessary words, tighten sentences (get it right, get it tight)

It’s time to think big picture. Focus on these five buckets, understand there will always be little things that I could/could not change, and in the end love my story for what it is. Trying to perfect every little tidbit is like trying to fix someone’s unique flaws, which end up actually being their most endearing characteristics.

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