A Date with Fate… And a Hat

It’s quite a thrill, picking something out of a hat. And a bit humbling, to think how flimsy pieces of paper have the power to dictate your life.

Whether it be whose name you are going to draw, what number you are going to get, what adventure you are going to pick… The uncertainty can make a grown man feel giddy, the randomness can make even the coolest cat sweat. And there’s always that one strip of paper you’re gunning for, that holds the key to your inner desire. Is it by sheer luck you get what you pick or do the stars align, and your choice just happens to be fate?

I like to think fate. (It’s way more fun). I like to think I was destined to do things. Destined to go certain places, destined to meet special people. My latest date with both fate and a hat came on a mellow, couple-y evening in. I know, I’m not setting the stage for a theatrical scene here, but that’s the beauty of it all. Something so powerful came from something so simple. All it took was a hat, a crinkled piece of printer paper and a little dance with uncertainty. Okay, the hat might have been Indiana Jones style… And that might have made a little bit of a difference.


Before my partner and I knew it, our steaks were getting cold and the clatter of cutlery was replaced with frantic scribbling. Paper was ripped left and right and trips were thrown into the hat like dunk shots. There were strips ranging from art walks through Germany, Belgium and Amsterdam to jungle exploration in Bolivia, Peru and Chile. Knights of the Templar tours in Portugal and pyramid spotting down the Nile. After a breathless round of conceptualizing our wanderlust and an inflation of disposable adventures, we threw our hands up in triumph, and just looked at one another.

Something had caught hold of us. Something that combined the spirit of adventure and magic of the unknown, and for those 10 minutes, whisked us away. We weren’t in our kitchen brainstorming countries around the world. We were in Bolivia, Peru and Chile. We trotted with the Knights of the Templar and stuck our fingers in the Nile. The ideas bewitched us and hypnotized us in a way that only happens when you’re in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time. When fate is literally dangling from your fingertips, beckoning you to pursue.

Where did we end up that night? Everywhere. Nowhere. Exactly where we were supposed to be.

…Where did we end up six months later? Relishing in an experience that stemmed from nothing more than a split second thought, a hat, and a twist of fate. To the other side of the world. To a land of romance, a land of mystery. A place so sacred, spirituality rises like smoke and legends paint the walls. So quickly, India and Sri Lanka had become our destiny.

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