I See a Black Moon Rising, and it’s Calling Out My Name

“I see a black moon rising, and it causes so much pain.” ~ Black Sabbath


Black Moon, photo credit: NASA Goddard Flight Center

Our annual lunar cycle almost perfectly lines up with Earth’s calendar year, so we can expect the same show: One new moon to start the new lunar cycle, one full moon to conclude the current lunar cycle. With the exception of nights like tonight, where we’ll be blessed with the presence of something different. A black moon.

Typically new and full moons don’t occur twice in a single month, so when they do, they get special attention. And even nicknames! Full = Blue, New = Black.

Like a black sheep, the black moon is extra shy, and is a very rare sight to (not) see. A new moon occurs when its Earth-facing side is in full shadow, so unfortunately for moon gazers, this means the black moon will be invisible tonight.

But just because you can’t see the black moon doesn’t mean you can’t feel it.

Unlike the blue moon, who’s indigo hue has captivated people for centuries, the black moon remains dark, hidden and mysterious. It intensifies the curiosities in the deeper parts of our mind, drawing on our intuitive, less explored qualities that want to be known but have yet to be unlocked to their fullest potential. The black moon is associated with the Goddess Lilith, who’s known to flirt with these inner desires.


The Goddess Lilith, photo credit: Wikipedia.com

Lilith was first depicted 5,000 years ago in Sumerian mythology as a handmaiden to the Goddess Inanna, the Queen of Heaven, and it was her duty to gather men from the fields to perform the sacred rites. In another, perhaps more well-known Hebrew story, Lilith appeared in the Garden of Eden as the first wife of Adam. And let’s just say, they had a difference of opinion on how a housewife should behave. Refusing to be tamed, Lilith replaced marriage with independence and ventured out on her own. Her rebellion cast her her fortune and she was forever stigmatized as a dark power who gave birth to demons and stole babies from their beds.

Lilith’s connection with the black moon is their intense nature to live outside the norm, accepting themselves for what they are. Opening up an unexplored side of ones self, letting go without retaliation. Not conforming to cookie-cutter standards, but embracing one’s quirks with grace and confidence.

Taking the road less traveled, people will misunderstand you, and judge you, and compare you. The black moon shows that it’s okay to carve your own way, as long as you do it with dignity, do it with purpose, and do it to better yourself.

September is already the start of something new. A new school year, a new season, a new shift in priorities. The black moon reinforces that this is the time to take charge of your desires, embrace your life’s passions, sever ties with negative influences, and be yourself to the fullest extent.

Have you started to feel the black moon’s calling?

“I see a black moon rising, and it’s calling out my name; I see a black moon rising , and it causes so much pain.” ~ Black Sabbath

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